Tender Compertaive Statement-2018-19


Sr.No Title Action
01 Daily Use items Download
02 Vehicle Rates Download
03 Computer items rates Download
04 Electricity iems Rates Download
05 Fooding items Download
06 M&R items Download
07 Samosa and Mithai items rates Download
08 Uniform items rates Download
09 Vegetable items rates Download
10 Rates of washing cloth Download




Re-Tender Forms 2018-19


Sr.No Title Action
01 Terms & condition 2018-19
02 Daily use Item
03 B L Item
05 Computer Tender Goods Name
06 Samosa & Mithai





Tender Forms 2018-19

Tender Closed

Sr.No Title Action
01 Terms and condition
03 M & R items -2018-19
04 B L Item-2018-19
05 VEGETABLE-2018-119
06 Electricity -2018-19
07 Samosa & Mithai-2018-19
08 BOLERO TENDER-2018-19
09 Computer Tender Goods Name
10 Uniform washing and Ironing



Tender Approval Rate All and Tender Comperative Statement 2017-18


Items Action
1-Computer Item Comperative Statement 2017-18 Download
2-Daily Use Comp. Statement 2017-18 Download
3-Dry Rashan Comp. Statement 2017-18 Download
4-Electric item Compret. Statement 2017-18 Download
5-Furniture Comp. Statement 2017-18 Download
6-Lab Equipment Com. Statement 2017-18 Download
7-M & R Comp. Statement 2017-18 Download
8-Sports Comp. Statement 2017-18 Download
9-Stationery Comp. Statement 2017-18 Download
10-Stiching Comp. Statement 2017-18 Download
11-Vegetable Comp. Statement 2017-18 Download
13-Approved Tender Rate (All)2017-18 Download
14-BEDDING ITEM TENDER 2017 Download



S.No. Title Action
01. Notice Download
02. Term and Condition of Tender Download
03. Tender form for Bedding Item Download
04. Tender form for Computer & AMC Download
05. Tender form for Daily Use Item Download
06. Tender form for Electric Goods Download
07. Tender form for Food Item Download
08. Tender form for Furniture Item Download
09. Tender form for Laboratory Item Download
10. Tender form for M & R Item Download
11. Tender form for Sports Item Download
12. Tender form for Stationery Item Download
13. Tender form for Sweets and Samosa Download
14. Tender form for Uniform Items Download
15. Tender form for Uniform Stitching Download
16. Tender form for Vegetables Item Download
17. Tender form for Washing Clothes Download